Build On Your Lot Using Our Stunning New Designs or a Dream Design of Your Own

Our state-of-the-art home design technology lets you take a virtual tour of your new home.


See our virtual plan walkthrough and why our design process is the only way to design your custom home.

DreamTech Homes is the premier custom home builder that takes your initial design concepts and delivers a 3D virtual tour inside and out so you can see what your new home will look like from every angle as if you were standing inside your kitchen. This allows you to envision the final design before the first shovel hits the ground, allowing you to avoid costly change orders after construction starts due to unforeseen design issues in the architectural phase. Working with DreamTech Homes affords you the opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind, a house that perfectly matches both your aesthetic preferences and the practical needs of your lifestyle. Additionally, our design process allows you to know how existing or new furniture can be planned in the space so you build the right size home.

Not sure if you want to use stucco and stone or brick and siding? Our virtual 3D design process allows you to visualize what the right materials and colors look best for your custom home. DreamTech Homes has a combined 96 years of building experience, bringing you expertise in design, finishes and construction that will make your home stand apart from the sea of copycat designs.

Option 1 – Select or modify one of our existing floor plans

For those who want a fast-track option to the custom home design option, choose from a wide selection of plans that DreamTech Homes has already built or alter parts of a plan to your needs. Our experienced sales staff will assist you in finding the plan that is best suited to your desires and needs and even help customize any changes you want to make to our plans.

Option 2 – Allow us to design a unique plan for you

At DreamTech Homes we are a full-service design/build firm that is focused on delivering a home within the budget you specify. While other builders send their buyers to a plan designer who will design your home without being aware of current costs, DreamTech Homes employs a highly experienced in-house plan designer that works side by side with our construction project manager with a focus on designing the home to meet your budget. Our experience with outside plan designers is they are unfamiliar with current construction costs end up designing homes with square footage and features often exceed your budget. Additionally, you will spend $10,000 to $15,00 get plans drawn that may end up useless or cost you additional funds to modify the plans back to your budget. The best part is that DreamTech Homes does not charge you for designing your dream home when you choose to build with us, check it out!

Our team of dedicated sales consultants, home designers and builders is here to assist you before, during and after the sale. Request information here.

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